What is CapCut?

Do you know what video editing apps use on mobiles? Have you ever used one of the popular editing apps, CapCut? 

CapCut is an easy-to-use video editing software that cuts, edits, or records videos in seconds. It is usually used in Tik Tok, Twitter, Utube, or Facebook to share stuff with your family and friends. The software gives the video a professional look by providing music, filters, stickers, and fonts. It changes the speed of the video, trims, or reverses without having watermarks. The app is primarily free except few features owned by ByteDance. Also, this app does not store personal information, so safe to use. It has a flexible screen recording available on mobiles. In this blog, we will see the screen recording steps and tips in the official version of the CapCut. Yet, some risks are in using a revised version of CapCut like Capcut Mod or CapCutmod APK.

CapCut is also a live-stream video editor that helps screen record and edit life streaming online. It makes live-stream footage. The live stream recording CapCut is through the cloud library. Trim extra videos to create top-quality content.

The blog aims to write different features, tips, and tricks of the CapCut. The primary purpose is to enhance the readers’ information about video editing tools and procedures of screen recording. It will encourage users to use the app and build a community using high-tech apps.

Main Aspects

  • Features of CapCut Screen Recording

Many tools help to add text or subtitles to the live stream. In CapCut, an automatic subtitle generator generates the text in seconds. The software has many editing tools like a resizer, splitter, converter, and speeder to trim, crop, music, stickers, and text options. The live performance helps to watch and improve your performance. The video editing device mainly uses in social media posts. Use authentic information in live streams for the users who believe in the live stream. The video goes in a cloud drive to save. You upload large files from live-stream apps. CapCut app helps to remove the extra part, resize, and create engaging videos from videos, allows to export of 4K files free of cost, and even eliminates the water marks from the videos. 

  • Screen Recording

CapCut screen recording allows you to record the device’s screen, including audio, and creates videos. In addition, you add voiceover while recording the screen. Moreover, you can import the images from your mobile device into CapCut to fit in the video.

  • Screen Recording Steps

Download and install the software from the app store. After installation, open the device for Android or IOS devices. 

Select a new project by pressing a plus icon to create a new project. Select the ratio and resolution according to your project. 

Choose what you want to record. Use the grant access option for the camera and microphone by pressing allow command.

Tap the start button for screen recording, and tap stop recording to stop recording when required. Your recording will save automatically.

  • Edit Screen Recording

Now trim the videos, add filters, and adjust the final product. Select a video template. Start recording: crop or cut videos. Add text and voiceover. Add animation or transition. Add background music. Download and share your video.

  • Comparison With Other Mobile  Screen Recording Software 

It is a mobile editing device designed for casual users, so it cannot give results like other professional video editing software. CapCut has easy to use friendly interface. It provides the basic features of video editing but not the many advanced features of color correction or audio editing. CapCut works with limited powers and short space for processing as compared to other sophisticated editing software. It can give different results than professional editing tools but help create videos quickly or easily on mobiles with less effort and skillset.

  • Best Practices to Create High-Quality Screen Recording

Plan before recording what you want to show in your video. For recording videos, arrange a stable surface. Use a tripod or other apparatus to keep the device in place. Keep your battery charged; otherwise, buy a power bank. Use a mic and headphones for better recording. In short, it is the best tool for video recording, like tutorials, gameplay, footage, etc.


It is a popular software due to its easy interface, editing, and several filters. It provides professional videos using text, music, and special effects. It helps in Vlogs or social media posts. It is user-friendly and has many features that make it fit for novice or inexperienced video editors. Knowing about the app’s features may take time or need the practice to take excellent results. CapCut has many features, like trimming, cropping, adding text, filters, music, and transitions. It’s free, but some paid features are available. It assists in creating engaging and professional content quickly and easily. It is the best video editing software choice for content creators and social media users because of its easy use and the range of options available.

Guidelines For Screen Recording

  • Study and explore the app features effectively and efficiently. First, edit a simple and check all features one by one—plan before recording the video and determining what elements will include in the film.
  • Use filters or transitions with a limit; otherwise, overuse of filters or effects makes the work unprofessional.
  • Use high-quality content to attract the audience. The app will give it a perfect professional touch.
  • Practice again and again with this user-friendly app and take time to learn the app; you will be able to impress your audience.
  • Keep the videos simple and focus on the quality of the video content; otherwise, too many transitions will distract the viewer. 
  • Use the music in the background, which will make your content more engaging. The app will provide a royalty-free editing option. Choose the music in the video according to your work.

Every new task needs experience and practice, so learn CapCut patiently as a unique skill set. More practice makes you perfect.

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