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Videos with caption have a unique look. In this article, you will learn how add caption using inshot. People being love using InShot as it gives a vast range of editing options. Follow the simple steps to add caption in your video using inshot.

Installation the InShot app

Installation the InShot app: go to your app store and search for “InShot.” download and install the app to your device.

download inshot app

Open the app:

Open the InShot app: once the installation is complete, open the InShot app on your apps.

Import your video:

Tap the “Video” button from menu. Now import the video you want to add captions . You can choose a video from your device’s gallery.

inshot caption in video

Add textual content:

After importing the video from your device, you will see many improving options at the lowest of the show display. Click at the “textual content” opportunity.

inshot text adiing in caption
Customize the caption:

In the text content editor, you can type the caption you want to add in your video. You’ve got options to pick the font, size, shade, and capabilities of the textual content,
In addition,you can add animations, effects, or stickers to the caption if desired.

custumizing the caption in inshot
Adjust the caption period:

You may regulate the period of the caption by using dragging its edges on the timeline..

adjust caption inshot
Preview the video:

As quickly as you have delivered the caption, tap the “Play” button to preview the video with the caption overlay.

inshot caption preview
Save and export:

if you’re satisfied with the result, click the checkmark or shop button to apply the changes. InShot will save the video with the caption. Afterwards, you can save the video for your device or share it immediately on social media forums.
That’s it!
You’ve successfully added a caption to your video using InShot. Remember to
explore the app’s additional features for more advanced editing options.

click here to download the pro version of InShot apk for free..

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