“Discover the top 10 best free features of VivaVideo, a popular video editing app. From powerful editing tools and impressive effects both free of charge and premium. While some of the more advanced functionalities may require a subscription. The free version of VivaVideo
boasts numerous impressive features that are worth exploring.

Let’s dive into
the top 10 free features that make VivaVideo stand out:

Video Editing Tools:

Trim, cut, merge, and cropre the some best free features of VivaVideo. These comprehensive editing tools, enabling you to achieve precise edits.

Effects and Filters:

Elevate the visual appeal of your videos with VivaVideo’s extensive collection of effects and filters. From filters that enhance colors to unique effects like glitch and vintage, you have plenty of options for choose.

Video Speed Control:

Unleash your creativity with the aid of changing the speed of your movies. VivaVideo lets you create gradual-movement or fast-ahead effects, including a hint of drama or humor to your content material

Music and Sound Effects:

Get entry to VivaVideo’s library of loose track and sound outcomes to enhance the audio enjoy of your films. As an alternative, you may import your personal song for a custom designed contact

Text and Stickers

Personalize your videos by adding captions, titles, or subtitles using VivaVideo’s diverse collections of text styles and fonts. Additionally, you can engage your audience further with a vast selection of stickers.

viva video features

Smoothly transition between different scenes in your videos using VivaVideo’s selection of transition effects. Whether you prefer fades, dissolves, slides, or more, you’ll find the perfect transition for seamless video flow.

Collage Maker:

Showcase multiple photos or videos in a single frame using VivaVideo’s collage maker feature. With the various layouts and customization options, you can create stunning photo/video collages with less effort.

Video Reverse:

Create the unique effects by reversing the playback of your videos. VivaVideo allows you to reverse the entire video or specific segments, adding an intriguing twist to your content.

PIP (Picture-in-Picture)

Unleash your creativity with VivaVideo’s PIP feature, enabling you to overlay videos or images onto another video. Customize the PIP window by resizing and repositioning it to create visually captivating compositions.

Share and Export

Effortlessly share your finalized videos directly from VivaVideo to popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Furthermore, the app provides flexibility in saving your videos with various resolution and format options. these are the some free features of Viva video.

Discover the incredible free features that VivaVideo offers and unlock the full
potential of your video editing endeavors. It’s important to note that while
these features are available for free version, VivaVideo may contain advertisements or
offer additional premium features through in-app purchases or subscriptions

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